E-commerce | What can you do about customers who post angry comments?

“Do you know what the difference is between me and you? I’ll tell you. You think like a jerk. But I think like a genius. When I grow up and change the world you will look at yourself and say I made fun of this guy. Now he is a genius and I am still a jerk“

I got this message yesterday from a (now ex) group member of a very unique Facebook group. He’s a very young guy, doing an illegal business and he wrote me something like “I BEAT YOU!”I replied with “don’t be a jerk and please don’t show of.” Because he just made his first dollars online and is still extremely young I don’t judge him. But I just wanted to show you that EVERYONE gets angry messages. So far (I think) 10 people out of a very unique e-commerce Facebook group called me a jerk, scammer, faker, son of a bitch or something like that. So first thing you have to know is:


That’s a hard one. Recently I watched a YouTube video from Gary Vaynerchuk where he said something like “You can get 1,000 positive comments but comment number 1,001 who says you’re a jerk will make you go crazy.” And it’s true.

You have to develop (some kind of) resistance against those comments. You just can’t avoid them. And getting those comments from strangers is the easy part. Imagine if your parents are against everything you do online (and yep, I’ve talked to some people in this group who have this issue!)

So the foundation is this: don’t take it personally. I know it’s easier said than done but caring about haters is a waste of time and being an entrepreneur costs A LOT of time. You can’t afford to take time out of your day to care about haters.

OK, I Won’t Take It Personally. But What Do I Do In Response?

Good question. I’ll give you a great example.

Switch Haters Into Fans

The following example happend to me like 2 years ago. I owned a niche business and joined all the relevant Facebook groups around this niche. One day a new member asked a question on a very general topic and I just replied

“hey, I wrote a post about this on my blog. Just check [URL].”

Shitstorm coming. They came from everywhere: haters. They really got personal with it and said I’m just a jerk trying to make money. One guy even said “your products have shit quality!” I was waiting for a comment like this! I could have easily deleted my post after the first hateful comment but I would have missed a great opportunity.

So why did I wait for such a comment?

Because now it was my turn to make things right! I replied to the guy saying:

“hey buddy, tbh I really appreciate your comment. Even if you tried to offend me. I’m okay with that because I can understand that just posting a random link is not cool. Sorry about this.

But here’s the point: I checked my orders to see if you’re one of my customers. Seems to me that you never ordered. Correct me if I am wrong please. So because I have 100% trust in my products I would like to send you a free product of your choice so you can test the quality. If you still think they suck you can come back here and blame me.“

So, what happened?

  1. The shitstorm ended — instantly.
  2. The angry guy NEVER replied again (not even to reach out and get the free product).
  3. One girl and one guy liked my “customer service” and placed an order.
  4. The girl even posted within the group how great my product was, etc — which lead to 3 more orders!
  5. The girl became a lifelong customer.

So what can you learn from this? Two options: Ignore Them OR Be Nice As Fuck. Be so damn nice that it seems ridiculous. Actually try to reward them for being a dickhead. If you can’t do this just ignore them. Never go for a discussion. You can’t win.

What do you want to achieve? Win one discussion or win in business? It’s all about relationships.

Yeah … I Can See How This Is The Right Approach

If those bad/angry comments have a good reason, then solve the problem.It’s your job. But in the meantime I would go for bringing value to the angry customer. Try to make him/her smile (even if you think he/she is the biggest jerk on the planet) — you never know who’s reading your comment. If you answer angrily maybe a potential customer will read it and think “If I have a problem I am on my own… I don’t want to buy there.” Social media is super capable of both growing AND destroying your business. Please be aware of that 😉


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