Advanced E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Is Supposed to Fix Everything, Right? If our grandparents had chosen to become entrepreneurs they would have spent so much more time and effort on their businesses. Back then it was one of the main reasons why most people could never even imagine becoming entrepreneurs (self-employed); TIME These days we think the internet […]

But I Have Lots Of Traffic! That’s Good Right?! First things first: pure traffic means nothing. And I mean nothing. Give me $ 50 and I will send 400,000 visitors to your store. Great, right? Not so fast. Because they won’t buy anything you just lost $50. That’s not what a business is all about. Giving […]


When it comes down to the entrepreneurial game it’s (almost) just hard work. But hard work alone never made it to the top. You have to learn while executing. In fact, that’s all. You really don’t need any special talent from birth on. Everything skill you need can be developed all by yourself. Of course, […]

Give More Than Your Competition

Today’s post is all about giving. As you (hopefully) noticed already I’m a huge fan of giving instead of taking. That said I don’t just give you my general thoughts on something but really actionable (and simple) tips how you can start giving. Why Giving? Like I said in my You vs. Amazon post you […]

You vs. Amazon

People seem to be scared of all those big players like Amazon or eBay. With this post I will change your point of view on this topic. #TheStruggleIsNotReal The Most Common Question There is one question which all new (or even established) ecommerce entrepreneurs seem to worry about: “How can I be competitive against Amazon?” […]

Find Your Niche & Validate It Now

A lot of new ecommerce businesses fail before they had any chance of success. Most of the problems leading to the ugly feeling of getting no sales later on is caused by not being specific enough and/or not validating the business idea. This article is written to help people getting the basics right. Offline-Research Take your […]