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  • DROPSHIPPING VLOG #10 | How to Collect 186 E-Mail Addresses, Pre-Marketing

    via IFTTT


    via IFTTT

  • Aliexpress Dropshipping – Losing Customers


    How to avoid it and get valuable feedback instead That Sounds Great! How Do I Do That? We’re all in the same e-commerce-boat. Building a store and then… nothing happens! We get disappointed and think we must have made a lot of mistakes building this store. Did we leave out some very important part? Did we pick…

  • E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

    Advanced E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

    Internet Marketing Is Supposed to Fix Everything, Right? If our grandparents had chosen to become entrepreneurs they would have spent so much more time and effort on their businesses. Back then it was one of the main reasons why most people could never even imagine becoming entrepreneurs (self-employed); TIME These days we think the internet…

  • E-commerce consulting

    E-Commerce | Creative and unique ways to reach people

    Warning! Disclaimer Ahead I have mixed feelings about this because I know (not just think, I know!) that everyone will benefit from learning the basics and will be able to make sales out of fit. So covering this topic is a fun part for me. But, I DON’T actually know if this will bring you…

  • E-commerce | What can you do about customers who post angry comments?

    “Do you know what the difference is between me and you? I’ll tell you. You think like a jerk. But I think like a genius. When I grow up and change the world you will look at yourself and say I made fun of this guy. Now he is a genius and I am still…

  • ecommerce entrepreneur sales

    But I Have Lots Of Traffic! That’s Good Right?! First things first: pure traffic means nothing. And I mean nothing. Give me $ 50 and I will send 400,000 visitors to your store. Great, right? Not so fast. Because they won’t buy anything you just lost $50. That’s not what a business is all about. Giving…

  • Entrepreneur Zero Talent

    ENTREPRENEUR: Zero Talent

    When it comes down to the entrepreneurial game it’s (almost) just hard work. But hard work alone never made it to the top. You have to learn while executing. In fact, that’s all. You really don’t need any special talent from birth on. Everything skill you need can be developed all by yourself. Of course,…

  • Give More Than Your Competition

    Today’s post is all about giving. As you (hopefully) noticed already I’m a huge fan of giving instead of taking. That said I don’t just give you my general thoughts on something but really actionable (and simple) tips how you can start giving. Why Giving? Like I said in my You vs. Amazon post you…

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