How To Win The Game Of Entrepreneurship

E-commerce, Marketing
If you’re part of the e-commerce community you already know the #1 problem of all dropshippers: making sales. In addition to that, at least 90% of all e-commerce entrepreneurs unsuccessfully tried Facebook advertising as their main customer acquisition channel. Again... The vast majority of e-commerce entrepreneurs unsuccessfully tried to solve the #1 problem with the same method. Over and over again. Hm... I mean, common, it’s more than obvious that you’ll have a very hard time to make it work for you, right? Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook advertising and yes, currently it has the best return-on-investment (ROI). No doubt about that. But still, not too many beginners seem to get a positive ROI out of it, not even make a single sale. This is not an anti-Facebook…
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dropshipper’s checklist

E-commerce, General
Being a big fan of short pieces of content, I created a checklist for dropshipper. It only includes free resources and tools which actually helps you start and grow your online business. I, personally, use all of them and can highly recommend using these tools. Access the checklist here!
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