Checklist #1: Productivity

We all have limited time resources. The more work you can get done in your time, the better. The ultimate goal of any entrepreneur is to be productive as fuck, that’s why we will start our checklist with some productivity tools.



Some (including me) work better with music. As music is a matter of taste, please see this point as a kind reminder to test music while you’re working. It may work wonder.

This is what I’m up to at the moment: Click here (YouTube link)



One of the things which helped me build my business alongside my 9-5 job was an ASMR video which includes office noise.

Access the ASMR video here

Putting some headphones on, listen to that office noise and start being super productive!



You’re an entrepreneur. Your mind is filled with ideas. It doesn’t even matter if your ideas are great, but you should always write them down. Tools like evernote make it super easy for you to

Access Evernote here

Start making notes today! (definitely get their phone app)



Headspace is a guided meditation app which helps you to get… well… headspace. Super easy to implement and can turn you into a productivity monster!

Access Headspace here

Is it getting wild (and weird) in your head? Get some Headspace!

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