Checklist #2: Business Name

A business needs a business name, right? Right.

Unfortunately, coming up with a cool name is harder than we all think. It’s not like cool names pour out of our head all the times. It’s tough.

To get (needed) help you’ll also find two great business name generators!



Uniq is an amazing and super intuitive tool which helps you to find a cool business name (or at least get inspired).

Access Uniq here

Ez! (easy)


Oberlo Business Name Generator

Oberlo has a very cool tool which allows you to enter a keyword (eg. the product you sell) and then shows business name ideas based on that keyword.

Access Oberlo’s Business Name Generator here

Go get a cool biz name!


WIPO Global Brand Database

This one actually does not help you to find a cool business name but maybe prevents you from deep trouble. This database helps you to find trademarks and other brands.

Access WIPO Global Brand Database here

Always do your research on a business name! It’s crucial.

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