Free Consulting

Besides from commercial consulting I have some special offer for you which is 100 % free for you.

Because I know the problems people have while starting their dropshipping businesses I really would love to help in this phase. Like you already now I am a huge fan of keeping things as cheap as possible in the beginning. I don’t want you to spend a lot of your money for a business you don’t know if it’s profitable.

I want you to have a real business and not just an expense fake hobby called “business”. That said I offer free personal consulting.

How Can You Offer This, Tim?

It’s easy. The only requirement for your free coaching is signing up to your 14 days free shopify trial with my affiliate link. So I will get paid by shopify and not by you. Sounds fair, right?

What’s In It For Me?

  • 3 Skype calls where I will help you with all questions you have
  • E-Mail support within your shopify 14 days free trial
  • Free eBook which is only available for my clients
  • Bonus content in the future (optional; if you decide to sign up to the clients-email list)

For Who?

It’s for everyone who struggles or stuck. It does not matter if you haven’t build a store or if you have an unsuccessful store. We will take care of it.

But have in mind that this whole free consulting will just be possible if you sign up with my affiliate. So if you already have an unsuccessful store you should be willing to close it and open a new one which I will take care of.

How Can I Apply?

Just fill out the below attached form and write what’s your main problem with building a dropshipping business. I will reach out to you and we will do your free coaching. It’s that easy.

What’s Next?

First of all: thanks for applying! I really appreciate the trust you put into me!

Do you have a niche already? No? Then read this!

Do you validated your niche? No? Then read this!

Are you scared of a big player? Yes? Then read this!

Are you willing to give to receive? Yes? Then read this!

I am really looking forward to work with you!