give more than your competition

Today’s post is all about giving. As you (hopefully) noticed already I’m a huge fan of giving instead of taking. That said I don’t just give you my general thoughts on something but really actionable (and simple) tips how you can start giving.

Why Giving?

Like I said in my You vs. Amazon post you have to hunt in areas where big player like Amazon can’t or won’t hunt. One example I gave was to create content that’s really niche related. If you really put out content people care about they will remember your store. They’ll appreciate that you’re caring about them. And guess what? there’s only one way to thank you: buying from your store.

But because most of don’t have any deep knowledge about our niche we just don’t know where to start. If we really want to create content people care about we have to know their problems and find solutions for them.

The Holy Research

Like I said before most of us don’t have any deep knowledge about our niches. But to give value to our customers we have to get in their minds and find out what’s their biggest problem. To do this kind of research we will just use Google.

Let me give you an example:

If you would own a store who sells dog related products you could write a short eBook which you give away for free. The topic of this eBook has to be something which will help those dog-owners.

To start your research just go to Google and search for:

forum: “[your niche/product]”

Google will show you every forum on their index which is dog related.

Google Research Content Creation

For any other niche just replace “dog training” through your product/niche.

You now have a complete list of a lot of dog training forums. After you skipped the first ones (ads) just copy the url of those forums and search for problem-related topics within this forums. One way to do this is by using the word “help”.

So just search for:

“help” site:[copied url]

You’ll now see all sites on your copied website which includes the word “help”. This is a good start to take a look at the problems your target audience has to handle with.

Google Research for DropshippingIf you now check the headlines and descriptions of those search results you will (in the most cases) find out something people care about a lot. But we’re not at the end of our research here.

In our example “whining” seems to be a problem for dog owners. But because we shouldn’t just go by guess we search again:

“[problem you’ve found]” site:[copied site]


Take a look at the amount of results. In our example there are 474 topics in this ONE forum which are all related on “whining”. If you dig a little bit deeper you will find more topics which are all related to this specific “whining”-problem.

If you go to and search for synonyms for “whining” you will get this results:

synonyms for deep research

I just chosed “cry”, went back to Google and searched again:

“[synonym]” site:[copied site]

Dropshipping is about giving

Bam! Another 660 results. For just two words on one forum. Isn’t that great?

Even better: The first result also gives us new synonym we can also search for. The sky’s the limit, my friends!

Next Step: Gaining information.

Now is the time to proof that you are a real entrepreneur and really want to have success. It’s time for hard work. Open every topic, read all this stuff, make notes and compile it.

Create That Ebook

Now that you have a lot of information it’s time to create the ebook for those dog owners. Just write five to ten pages about the best tips to stop their dog from whining and give it to them for free in exchange of their email address which you can use for email marketing later on. And if you have any information left, which weren’t good enough for your ebook then use those information to build a blog post. This will build trust as well. Just give!


As a dropshipper we have to handle a huge field of competition. If we want to stand out we have to give something our competition cant. The above mentioned tactic is a great way to do this. You can become THE authority for your niche which will lead to tons of sales.

So don’t be lazy and do your work!

Start here!



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