Giveaway Conversation

Note: What you’re about to read is a Slack conversation I had with an aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur about giveaways. I successfully ran a giveaway in my case study (made $6,242.21 in 1 month) and collected 800+ email addresses

Amanda [3:12 PM]

Hiya @Tim Kock! Thought I’d send a private message to not spam everyone else. I’m sort of stuck… I’m a huge overthinker and I’m driving myself crazy lol. I was hoping maybe you could help give me some suggestions to speed me up?

Maybe some suggestions on giveaway items, since the budget is $500

Tim Kock [3:18 PM]

hey, yeah sure

I’d suggest to do a little research on Instagram using #giveaway and see what people are giving away currently and what gets the most attention

but in your case, as you’re in the fashion niche everything related to fashion or makeup will work like cases, brushes

Spend at least $100 on the prize

Additionally, I found great success with a “movie night” – I did it for Halloween. The winner could invite 3 friends including snacks/drinks

1,200+ subs in 7 days

31 direct sales from the giveaway alone

Amanda [3:21 PM]

Was it like a gift card to a movie theater?

Tim Kock [3:22 PM]

We let them send us the bill

which wasn’t the best way, but it worked

Amanda [3:23 PM]

Heh. Nice. Was this for a new store, or an established one? I’m wondering how you promoted the giveaway

Tim Kock [3:23 PM]

it’s a pretty new store. up since September

Promote it here: Social media, email and posted it in several giveaway forums

Amanda [3:35 PM]

is this where you’re posting them too?

Tim Kock [3:35 PM]


I also do this:

I give $25 to Facebook group admins if they post it in their group

= social proof and won’t get banned

Amanda [3:36 PM]

nothing like some good old fashioned bribery haha

Tim Kock [3:37 PM]

hahaha very true

bottom line: it’s simple AF

Amanda [3:38 PM]

you, sir, are my hero. I should’ve messaged you earlier

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