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Starting and running an online business which actually makes money is not as hard as you might think. Even though every business is different there are some business operations and marketing techniques which can be applied to the vast majority of businesses, especially e-commerce businesses. I tried to cover a lot of those things in my dropshipping case studies (they’re 100% free). For example, I showed you how I made $8,873 in just 31 days with a business I built from scratch. I actually practice what I preach.

If you’re like me, chances are very high that you want more. More knowledge, more insights, more tactics and more practical business advice which can be applied today!

I Created an Online Course for Myself

No matter how experienced you are, you will face times where you stuck and need some inspiration. I’m no different. That’s why I looked for an online course which can help me in those dark times. I didn’t find it.

The only way I could have such a collection of real business and marketing techniques was by creating it – and that’s what I did. I actually use this online course almost every day. Whenever I feel I could do better, I work with this course. I pick one or two things and apply them to my businesses.

With time and experience,  I added more and more techniques to it.

It grew to a very comprehensive collection of all business and marketing techniques I discovered which doesn’t cost any money. The course only includes practical and straightforward advice which are applicable the day you discover them. You will be amazed at how simple it actually is to start and run a profitable dropshipping business without spending money.  

The course  includes the following lessons:


  • General Section – Introduction (0:21)
  • Mindset (2:10)
  • Niche Store vs. General Store (2:15)
  • Test Quality (1:23)
  • Resources For Marketing (0:43)

Business Operation

  •  Business Operation – Introduction (0:35)
  •  Set a Business Goal (7:18)
  •  Product Price Calculation (5:53)
  •  Proactive Dashboard (4:44)
  •  Project Organization (3:40)
  •  Niche Approach / Product Approach (2:26)
  •  Customer Survey (6:35)
  •  Discounts (3:30)
  •  Refunds / Returns (1:47)

Online Store

  •  Online Store – Introduction (0:28)
  •  Shopify Theme (4:53)
  •  Store Design (11:39)
  •  Shopify Apps (4:21)
  •  Payment Gateways (1:52)
  •  Necessary Pages (3:55)

Niche / Target Audience

  •  Niche / Target Audience – Introduction (0:23)
  •  Find a Niche (8:47)
  •  Learn About Your Niche (6:56)
  •  Target Audience (3:19)


  •  Products – Introduction (0:10)
  •  Where to Find Products (6:55)


  •  Marketing – Introduction (0:45)
  •  Pre-Marketing (1:41)
  •  Content Marketing (3:58)
  •  Mention Marketing (1:26)
  •  Collection Marketing (2:03)
  •  Interview Marketing (1:22)
  •  Facebook Group Marketing (2:39)
  •  Feedback Marketing (2:42)
  •  E-Mail Marketing (7:11)
  •  Influencer Marketing (5:00)
  •  Giveaway Marketing (7:08)
  •  Instagram Direct Message Marketing (4:57)
  •  Social Media Marketing (5:09)
  •  Facebook Chatbot Marketing (6:42)
  •  Affiliate Marketing (3:50)
  •  Collaborations (1:56)

And there’s more! 

I challenged myself in a 24-hour business challenge to start a complete new dropshipping business from scratch and make as many sales as possible. All without spending any money at all.

At the end of the 24 hours, I made around $235 in sales.

I documented every single step of this 24-hour business challenge and included it into the online course. You’ll see me actually work and not just talk.

Lifetime Access & Updates

When deciding for the ZERO DOLLAR DROPSHIPPING course, you’ll receive lifetime access and can come back to the course whenever you’d like to. Entrepreneurship is a lifelong commitment – so is my online course.

Additionally, this course gets updated very regularly. There are plenty of new lessons which will be added to always provide the best possible experience for you!

Want to get access to this course and apply all free business and marketing techniques to your business so you can finally build a real (money making) online business? Enroll Now!

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