What Others Say

“No tricks, no secrets. Tim is the real deal. His approach to building a business and generating sales is practical, smart, and most importantly, simple. If you’re willing to do the work, there’s no reason you can’t succeed with Tim in your corner.”

Jordan Simas, Product Growth Manager at Shopify

“Tim is one of those individuals that finds joy in helping others succeed. He shows young, aspiring entrepreneurs how to walk the talk by providing examples of his personal experiences and achievements. Thanks to his helpful tips I now have a better overview on how to set up my dropshipping business.”

Dimitris Tsapis, Fitness Instructor/Coach

“Tim is an expert when it comes to e-commerce. Not only is he incredibly humble but he provides the mindset that is needed to exceed in order to be successful with any business venture. Tim provides value most others don’t. Where other “guru’s,” say that you must scale your business with FB ads, Tim goes a different approach. One that is more practical, he instructs people to first put in the time, interact with people by sending out direct messages and really understand the target demographic rather than launching an FB ad before someone has even one sale.”

Zac Hansen, E-commerce Entrepreneur