You vs. Amazon

People seem to be scared of all those big players like Amazon or eBay. With this post I will change your point of view on this topic. #TheStruggleIsNotReal

The Most Common Question

There is one question which all new (or even established) ecommerce entrepreneurs seem to worry about:

“How can I be competitive against Amazon?”

We’re worried about the low prices on amazon, the fast shipping, the great return policy and the trust. Everyone thinks about this. But those are just four pieces of a huge puzzle. So forget about that stuff and change your view!

But I know: it’s easy to say. So let’s get a little bit psychological.

It’s Nothing But a Lie

If you would ask a neutral person where he/she would prefer to buy “from Amazon or from an unknown store” the answer will always be “Amazon”. But that’s a lie.

If it were true why so many independent online stores are successful? But step away from this question for a second. Let’s start with a more important question: why does this “neutral person” lie to you?

In fact he/she’s not lying at all. He/she just don’t know the correct answer. Sounds confusing, right? Our brain tends to give a rational answer. We just don’t want to sound like a snob. The most of us really think we are the smartest human on earth and never buy anything which is not worth the price. But to be honest: we all buy useless products. Even worse: we absolutely love it. And so do your future customer…

From now on you should (really) forget about a thing called “rational customer”. It’s a lie.

Go Hunting Where Big Players Do Not

Now that you’re in full knowledge of these lie it’s time to take a look on what you can do different/better than Amazon:

  • Build real relationships with your customer
  • Create niche related content
  • Be exclusive

Amazon or any other big player doesn’t focus on those three points because they do not hunt for the next 100,000 $ which are the result of the effort. They’re chasing the billions. And an online store, even if it’s a big player, doesn’t reach that goal by building relationships, creating content or by being exclusive in one specific niche. Huge companies earn billions of dollars with crazy products like Amazon’s newest Echo Dot or the Amazon Prime Air Program.

Amazon can’t and really don’t want to focus on small projects. They never will hire content creator for filming daily Vlogs. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, will never write you a direct message on Instagram to build a real relationship. It’s just not possible for him. The return-on-invest (ROI) would be way to low.

This is your opportunity!

100,000 $ is not that much for Amazon – but it’s probably for you!

So if you go hunting in areas where the big players don’t hunt then you have quite some advantage. But let me give you some actionable advice for the mentioned three points.

Build real relationships with your customer

Search on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for # [your product/niche] and shoot a lot of messages to people who seem to be interested in it. Be honest and say that you about to build a store/own a store and would like to have some honest feedback on some ideas you have in mind. Share your ideas and talk about them. Don’t sell at this point. Just build a real relationship.

Create niche related content

Build a blog, film some Vlogs, create tutorials or write an eBook. Just do something that’s relevant for your target audience and give it away for free. After some time your audience will always have you in mind when they think about your niche. That’s the moment where you become an expert and people want to buy from you.

Be exclusive

People love exclusivity. We all want to feel special. Otherwise there won’t be a first class on airplanes. I don’t know if you ever flied first class, but the difference between business- and first class is not that big. It’s just more exclusive. And that’s what you can do with your store as well. Be classy and don’t promote your product to everyone. Maybe exclude people on purpose.

Reasons For Your Store

The three mentioned points are reason enough to buy from you. But if you would like to hear some more reasons, there you go:

  • Some people love exploring new stores
  • There is no such thing like an “Amazon-experience”
  • No one talks passionate about the big players – just rational
  • Some people won’t buy from Amazon & Co. because it’s “mainstream”
  • Some people want to support you because they are really nice
  • Some people don’t want to search for a similar product – they want it now!
  • Some people don’t want to create an Amazon account

I know – many “some people”. But add this “some people” up and you get “a lot people”. And that’s your audience! Care about them and you will be successful!


As this post has come to an end the trust in your project has to start! There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have success!

Don’t be scared – do the work and grab your chance! It’s worth the effort!

Do you agree with me on these points or do you think I am way too positive? Leave a comment guys! I would like to start a discussion on that!



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